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Mortgage Checklist

Information Needed During Mortgage Loan Application Process


• Copies of your pay stubs covering the last 30 days, and your W2 forms from the last two years

• A contact name and phone number to verify employment

• If you are self-employed, please provide last two years’ personal and business tax returns, including all schedules

• If rental property is owned, complete personal tax returns from the last two years will be required

• If using income from child support or alimony, copies of court documents and cancelled checks or bank statements from the last six months to evidence receipt of such


• Copies of last two months’ statements for all bank, investment, and/or retirement accounts (if any large deposits, be prepared to explain source)

• Copies of latest statements for all open mortgages, real estate bills, and insurance bills for all property owned (if condominium, also provide evidence of Homeowners Association dues)

• If you are currently obligated to pay child support or alimony, copies of court documents are needed


• Once your credit report is pulled, be prepared to answer any questions that may arise regarding derogatory credit and/or recent credit inquiries


• If purchasing, a copy of fully executed purchase and sales agreement and copy of deposit check(s)

• If selling a home, a copy of purchase and sales agreement for that property

• If property is currently undergoing any major renovations or in need of any major repairs, please let us know

• If applying for a construction mortgage, a copy of plans, specifications, and costs estimates or building contract

• If property is a condominium, a copy of condo association by-laws, current budget, and master insurance policy. We will also need a condo questionnaire completed, so please advise to whom this should be forwarded

• Name, address, and phone number of your homeowners insurance agent

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